If you are buying a newly built house and getting the Help to Buy scheme payment, these are the key steps involved.

Make your application on ROS. 

After you and the developer have each signed the contract, upload this signed contract to ROS.

This will generate a new claim number starting with C and an access number.


Give the claim number and access number to your solicitor and the estate agent. It will be passed on to the developer. The developer will confirm the application on ROS.

The payment will be made directly to the developer within 5 working days of the verification by the developer. 

This payment will usually be a part payment of the contract deposit, even though it can only be made after the contracts are signed and exchanged.  Because of this, there will be a condition in the contract stating that if the payment is not made by ROS or is less than expected, the buyer will be liable to make up the difference 

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