Making a Will, it's straightforward and quick, so avoid the worry and don't be like me and put if off for ten years!

Last September I ran a Charity Will Week, donating all proceeds from Wills, to the Oesophegeal Cancer Fund. I  met 87 people and made 87 Wills. What really struck me that week, was that the vast majority of  people told me that they had been putting off making their Will for years. People told me about the anxiety they felt coming in to me and then of the relief they felt, leaving with their signed Will. 

It got me wondering why people put off making a Will.  But instead of looking for answers from all the people who came during Charity Will Week, I looked to myself to answer this question. A solicitor preparing Wills everyday for others, who didn’t do her own.  I thought about my own Will situation. It was hugely out of date. I made it over 10 years ago, before I was married and before I had children. Life had changed but I hadn’t changed my Will. I now had children who would be disinherited if I and my husband died.

Under that Will, if my then boyfriend predeceased me, I left everything to my sister. If this scenario was ever to play out, my own children would likely have to sue my estate to receive their inheritance or my sister would have to disclaim her entitlement, to allow the rules of intestacy to apply. It would be messy. My Will was so out of date with my current family situation, that my estate would be better administered by me dying without a Will. I knew all of this but still left the Will for years and years, knowing that I should change it. 

 Why did I not update it yet? Knowing what a mess it would leave for my family, how did I leave it for so long? What was the reason? I have been thinking about that for the past few weeks. I think the reason for not updating it was simply the very reason that it needed to be updated. I had children . I was busy. I simply never got around to doing the things that I needed to do for me. I was always doing things for others. But I knew that updating my Will was  both doing something for myself and for others,  so I made a commitment to myself that before the year was out, I would update my Will. I did it with  few days to spare . I am now feeling that relief that I heard my clients speak about. It is really powerful. When you are a parent of young children especially, knowing that you have an appropriate Will in place does bring great peace of mind. 

I’ve three pages on my website for people making Wills: if you have children under 18, if you have children over 18 and if you don’t have children. Each page has a form to submit that has questions relevant to that type of family situation. I have an online booking system , with flexible appointment times. I would like any person who would like to make a Will to know how straightforward it is, for the vast majority of people. For the month of January 2021, all Wills cost €100 each.

€100 Will appointments available January 2021