We have over ten years experience in drafting both simple and complex Wills, while providing transparent costs. We take care of the witnessing and storage of the Will.

What We Do
Our approach is flexible & personable and all about accommodating you.
  • We adopt a modern approach to providing legal services.
  • Flexible appointment options via video consultations or in person.
  • We provide you with regular updates on your Will.
  • Provide you with a full breakdown of all costs at the start of the matter.
Our Prices
Our pricing is straightforward and our offering comprehensive. Please view the documents below for a greater understanding of the service we offer when you are making a Will.

Our fixed cost service for Making a Will – Couple

Our fixed cost service for Making a Will – Single Person

Clear, Concise Advice
Making your Will with Madden Law
Submit your details in the form below. Please contact us to post the form to you if you wish.
Fill out the form as best you can. It will be reviewed in full with you at your consultation.
€300 per person . Every person makes a separate will. If two people make a Will each it’s €500 in total.
Book an appointment online for a convenient time to come in to review and sign the Will with Shona. Home and hospital appointments can be requested here.
Signing The Will
You can come on your own. The Executors do not need to come in. Our office will store the original Will and give you a copy.
Our Guides

Download our Will guide and instruction form below.
Download our Will guide and Instruction form


When a new valid Will is signed, it revokes the older Will. Usually, the older will is not destroyed. It is simply kept with the new Will. There is no requirement to bring an old Will in when making a new Will. Often it will be helpful to discuss why a new Will is being made and therefore the contents of the old Will should be reviewed and discussed.

With no spouse and no children, there are no legal obligations to provide for anyone in your Will. Provided the Will is valid, a single person can leave their assets to any person they decide.

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