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August 2021 – update

At present, we are not taking on new clients. For this reason, the facilities to book a video consultation and request a quote online are not available.

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    What is included?

    Our Probate standard fee includes all of the following work:

    • Reviewing the will.
    • Advising you on the legal requirements to obtain a Grant of Probate in Ireland.
    • Getting all accounts and non-property assets of the deceased valued. You must provide the valuation for property, which must be valued as of the date of death of the deceased.
    • Getting details of beneficiaries.
    • Preparing the legal documents and lodging the application in the Probate Office.
    • Filing the return to Revenue, for administration purpose. These are not tax returns.
    • Lodging the change of ownership application for property in the Property Registration Authority if applicable .
    • Distribution of all assets from the name of the deceased into the name of the beneficiaries.
    • Preparation of an estate distribution account.
    • Payment of funeral costs or debts from the estate, if required.
    • Payment of Fair Deal to Revenue, if required.

    This work is not included. We can discuss whether any of these are required:

    Any legal work outside the scope of the work listed above will be billed separately, if additional work is required. This quote does not include :
    • Obtaining PPS numbers. All beneficiaries and personal representatives must provide their PPS number.
    • Work involved in dealing with errors in the Will.
    • Disputes with third parties, example beneficiaries, family members, debtor of the estate.
    • Work involved with dealing with third parties advising the estate, example accountants.
    • Claims against the estate.
    • Making payments to third parties, not listed above in the quote.
    • Banking fees and interest costs for money held in our client account.
    • Tax advice and tax calculation.
    • Locating missing beneficiaries.
    • Legal costs for selling a property. €3,000 inclusive of VAT.
    • Sale of shares.
    • Obtaining details, of assets for any other family member of the deceased.
    • Paying outstanding liabilities, for example NPPR, LPT, tax, social welfare liabilities.

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