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Shona has over ten years experience in transferring property. Shona provides transparent costs. Shona  give straight forwards forms, to ensure  that the process is as stress free and  straight forward as possible.  Shona offers a range of flexible appointment options.  Shona offers video consultations to discuss your contracts and mortgage documents. These can be booked online at a time that suits you.  There is ample free parking outside our office at the Bryanstown Centre, Drogheda.

How long does the legal process take to transfer a property?

If there is no mortgage on the property  and then title deeds are available, you can expect the legal documents to be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks. The registration of the change of ownership will take approximately 6 weeks in the Property Registration Authority.

Advice about receiving a site



Your PPS number is required to file the stamp duty return on ROS


A current market valuation is required. 


Stamp duty

7.5% of the current market value of the residential property.

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Separate Solicitors

The solicitor acting for the person getting the property, cannot act for the person giving it.  

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An original Property Registration Authority map will need to be prepared, if the site is being carved out of a larger area.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about receiving a second-hand property:

The solicitor acting for the person giving the property will review the title deeds and prepare a Deed of Transfer. A copy of the title documents and the draft Deed is sent to the solicitor for the person getting the property to review. 

In most circumstances, no. The person giving the property must be represented by a separate solicitor than the person getting the property. There are some exceptions for transfers between spouses and companies. 

The person receiving the property will pay stamp duty at 7.5% of the current market value of the site. A current market value is required in order to calculate the stamp duty that is payable. 

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