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2022- Fixed fee offer


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Our standard fixed purchase fee includes all of the following work:

o Advising you on the legal process,
o Reviewing the purchase contracts and documents,
o Advising you on the maps,
o Reviewing the loan offer, if you are getting finance. No financial advice is given.
o Drawing down your mortgage,
o Advising you to get a snag report done,
o Assisting the Help to Buy drawdown payment,
o Completing your purchase,
o Arranging the keys to be given to you,
o Paying the Stamp Duty to Revenue,
o Lodging the change of ownership in the Property Registration Authority,
o Giving you a copy of your new ownership Deed,
o Giving all original Deeds to the bank, if there is a mortgage

What is not included in our standard fixed purchase fee. If you think any of these issues may arise, please talk to us.

o Any work related to any boundary dispute,
o financial advice,
o errors in maps,
o Issues in relation to non availability of active PPS numbers. All buyers must
provide a valid active Irish PPS number .

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Shona Madden

Madden Law is a modern solicitor’s firm specialising in buying houses. 

Shona Madden:

  • adopts a modern approach to providing legal services 
  • gives access to client to book a time online to have a call and catch up your purchase
  • uses plain English
  • gives an easy to understand fee structure 
  • has many fixed-price services.
  • offers a wide range of flexible appointment options.
  • provides efficient service, getting you your keys to your new home as soon possible
  • have over ten years experience buying houses

If you would like to discuss buying your new home with Shona Madden, please submit your inquiry to us.


Years of experience

Shona Madden - Practicing Solicitor