With Madden Law, we provide a fixed cost service where there will be no surprises involved, presenting you with a seamless experience when topping up a mortgage.

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With over 10 years experience, our approach is flexible & personable and all about accommodating you.
  • We adopt a modern approach to providing legal services.
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  • We provide you with regular updates on your purchase.
  • Provide you with a full breakdown of all costs at the start of the matter.
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Our pricing is straightforward and our offering comprehensive. Please view the documents below for a greater understanding of the service we offer.

Our fixed cost service for a top up mortgage

What’s included in our fixed cost service

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Steps & Advice When Selling Your House

What’s first?

The borrowers will give the details of their solicitor to their new bank. The new bank will send the loan offer and legal pack to the solicitor. The solicitor will review the loan offer to ensure that the borrowers can comply with all of the special conditions in it.

Then, what happens?

The borrowers will sign the loan offer and legal documents with their solicitor. The solicitor will send these to the new bank and arrange to drawdown the new mortgage. When the funds are received, the solicitor will redeem the old mortgage.

What’s next?

The solicitor will ensure that the old mortgage is removed from the title of the property. The solicitor will then apply to the Land Registry to register the new mortgage on the title of the house. When this is completed the solicitor will send all of the title deeds to the new bank.

Download authority to take up your deeds from your current lender (below) and here and send it to us..
New Loan Offer
The new loan offer and pack will be sent from your new lender to our office. We will contact you when it arrives. You will then sign the legal documents in our office.
We will drawdown your new mortgage and pay off your old one straight away. The cashback is paid to you after drawdown directly by your new bank.
After Drawdown
We will change the registered lender in the Property Registration Authority, When this is completed, your title deeds will be sent to your new lender.
Our Guides
Our Guides

We have put together a guide to help you understand what you need to do in relation to the title deeds process. Click the link below to download.
Authority to Get Title Deeds


Firstly, the solicitor will get your title deeds from your current bank. These will have the be reviewed to ensure that good marketable title can be given to the new bank. In order to get your deeds, your solicitor will have to obtain the written authority from the borrowers.

It usually takes 6 weeks from the date the new loan offer is received from your new lender and the title deeds are received from your old lender.

Sign the authority, to get your title deeds from your current bank. You can download the form by clicking here.

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